Cooling & Cleaning

ThinkstockPhotos-464835998Over 40 local growers bring their product to the co-op each morning. All the fruits and vegetables are immediately vacuumed, hydro or forced air cooled at our facility to sustain freshness and increase shelf life.

The Landisville Co-operative offers three types of cooling options on premises to accommodate any product. From blueberries in our forced air room to zucchini in our vacuum tube or greens in our hydro cooler, all of our products are cooled upon arrival and most ship out the same day. This rapid farm to market methodology is unique in that it represents a direct link to our growers without the need for a middle man.

The Landisville Co-operative adheres to strict food safety guidelines and is certified by the USDA for completing the Third Party Audit of good handling practices for agricultural products. Many of our Co-operative growers are also compliant to the food safety regulations. In New Jersey, there has never been a reported case of a food born pathogen illness originating from our agricultural industry.

Click Here for a copy of our current USDA food safety certificate